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Vocabulary Sci-Fi

Vocabulary Sci-Fi
Dear peer from 1991,
I’m writing to you from 2014 to say a word about the modern opportunities of learning a language, which is a mother tongue for British people. I’m sure, you are out of touch with the changes that have happened during these 23 years. That’s why, I want to make it clear for you, so that you could tell the difference between the levels and the quality of learning English in 1991 and in 2014. So, let me start.
I live in the XXI century, in the age of up-to-date technologies, when everything progresses day in day out. The process of learning English is not an exception. There are a lot of opportunities to learn this language, even if you run out of money. One of them is the Internet, which has an immense web. There are an enormous amount of different web-sites, which could be useful if you decide to enrich your vocabulary. In my opinion, http://quizlet.com/ is one of the best, because here you can choose unknown words and do some tests or play some games, which will consist of them. For instance: http://quizlet.com/49789453/the-theatre-for-the-deaf-flash-cards/ . This is a link on a set, which I’ve recently created, so, if you want, you could open and look through it. One more interesting web-site is http://fraze.it/ , where you choose an expression you like, and find the examples of the sentences with it. Moreover, you can also open the sources of the articles, which include these sentences. For example: I chose the expression to lose touch with, limited my search to the topic “Education”, and without putting a lot effort found the useful sentence, and the article.
Jowell was an encourager, and many able social researchers gained experience at SCPR/NatCen, pushed by a scientist with a sharp intellectual edge, charmed by a humorous colleague who never entirely lost his South African accent. He was concerned with the moral welfare of all kinds of social inquiry. He did not lose touch with those asking questions on behalf of companies wanting to sell things and the Market Research Society awarded him its gold medal. He helped establish the Social Research Association and write a code of ethics for the International Statistical Institute.
However, I also use more customary methods to learn English. For instance: if I want to remember new words visually, I make a word map or create a word cloud.

Furthermore, I frequently connect with my friends, who live abroad, via Skype. I find it amazing, when you can not only hear from them, but also improve your English. When we have small talks, we smile at each other, and before hanging up we always wave at each other. Usually I also chat with my pen-friends. However, when I have problems with Internet connection I try to get through them.
One more interesting way to learn English is to watch movies in the original. My close friend Zina and I have an unusual tradition. When we have a lot of free time, I make an appointment with her, and we watch English movies. I also have a unique opportunity to come into contact with people, for whom English is a native language, because they come to my university. Sometimes we talk business, or just talk non-stop about everything.
Well, I should finish now. I hope, you were not yawning, while reading this letter. I tried to speak my mind about all the benefits of learning English, and all the opportunities you will have in your future. I wish you good luck. And who knows? Maybe one day we will bump into each other somewhere in EnglandJ.
                                                                      All the best
                                                                      Your peer from 2014,

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  1. To be honest, I believe that your letter is really helpful to our peers from the past. You definitely made it clear which modern opportunities of learning English we have nowadays. By and large, this brief summary pools all useful information. It fosters gaining knowledge about this specific subject. What is more, I am confident that they value it.