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A Message for the Freshers

Hello our dear freshers! This is my last but not least blog post in which I would like to give my feedback on this six fulfilling months of  the course of Vocabulary of Modern English and give you some tips how to make the grade. Anyway, actions speak louder than words. So, let me encroach upon a few minutes of your attention.
To tell you the truth, your expectations will not be undermined. During this productive period of time you will learn how to write blog posts, use online tools and web-sites, etc. Needless to say, that you will improve with practice and enrich your active vocabulary. For example: I didn’t stifle creativity while accomplishing a great diversity of tasks because our instructor fostered initiative. Now I have an excellent grasp of editing a first-page headline of the quality newspaper, creating a speaking avatar, a mindmap, a fake facebook profile of a celeb, etc. I also had an opportunity to imagine myself an immigrant who sought refuge in the USA around a century ago, create a timeline of a historic figure who was a distinguished scholar and made a breakthrough in one of the science fields. Mind you, we also made videos for different vocabulary items, created comics about the love at first sight,  brochures about the importance of eating home-cooked food and avoiding sedentary lifestyle, and even designed posters in which we tried to find solutions how to protect our environment and switch to renewable energy resources.
It is my firm conviction that this course is not as easy as ABC and you should be ready that it’ll be crash and demanding. However, don’t make a snap decision because it seems to be a bit difficult only on the surface. I take the view that you’ll definitely grasp the importance of this course, show your considerable initiative and mental agility. You will cover a lot of ground in these vocabulary classes but in order to get through this course and get full marks you don’t need to burn the midnight oil, cram boring set texts, or always have your nose in a book. Just don’t skip the classes, jot down new words and expressions, learn them by heart, keep your notebook, don’t let your concentration wander, accomplish all the tasks on time, and then you’ll be a straight A student and will pass all your modules with flying colours.  
All in all, don’t put your feet up and you will notice a marked improvement in your language skills. It is said, “Practice makes perfect” and there is always room for improvement. By and large, I wish you always have thirst for knowledge, be a quick learner, and simply enjoy your study!

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